1. Construction begins!

    The newest additions to 422 Spacemall got underway on Tuesday. The picture on the top is the basic bottom frame as they are riveting in the support posts for the new building. The second picture is just four hours later and the floor is installed.  Next they are framing in the walls.  The entire project is expected to take less than 2 weeks! Check back tomorrow for more progress pictures.…Read More

  2. Construction is Coming!

    Spring means a lot of things in Pennsylvania and here in Oaks/Phoenixville, one of the things it means is construction! The area is booming with new shops going in along Egypt Road including the planned new Dunkin' Donuts near the corner of Egypt and Black Rock Road and starting tomorrow the 422 Spacemall Self-Storage lot on Brower Avenue will be no exception. New 10x20 storage units are being add…Read More

  3. Moving with Pets: Protecting Your Furry Family Members

    In the past six months, there have been a couple stories about cat adventures where a cat goes missing during a move only to show up weeks or even a month later when the family is unpacking at their new home.  This story about Mee Moowe ended happily, but many others do not. If you are planning a move with your pets, here are some simple tips to make the journey more enjoyable and safer for every…Read More

  4. Dirty Little Secrets: How to Avoid Bugs in Your Storage Unit

    Storage facility operators don't want you to know one little secret: insects can get into your unit. Just like no house is completely bug-free, no matter how much you spend with the exterminator, storage companies can't keep all the insects out of your storage unit, especially a drive up unit. But we do know some tricks to keep your storage unit relatively bug-free. Watch What You Store It might s…Read More

  5. Document Storage: Do you have a Location Away from Home?

    Nobody ever wants to think about the worst case scenario -- a house fire, tornado, flood or other natural disaster that destroys your home and the things in it.  For most of us, the plan for dealing with such a tragedy is buying insurance and praying it never happens to us. But what if it did? While dealing with the tragedy itself is traumatic enough, dealing with replacing the basic necessities …Read More

  6. Staging Your Home for Sale

    One of the most common reasons people rent climate-controlled storage is to stage their home in an attempt to sell it. Real estate professionals often recommend that prospective sellers remove the clutter and personal mementos, photos, and even artwork. So what exactly should you remove from the house and what should you do with it? Clutter To begin seeing the property with a potential buyers eyes…Read More

  7. Preparing Your RV for Spring

    We have a lot of friends and customers here at Spacemall who are just about ready to break out their RVs and head somewhere for the weekend. Whether it's providing extra space for family visiting for Easter or heading to the Poconos for the first breath of spring air, the first camping trip after the winter requires a little bit more preparation and planning than your summer trips might require. I…Read More

  8. Storing Winter Clothing

    Even if they don't stay there for long, temperatures are supposed to hit close to 70 degrees this week. Come on Spring! For many of us, that means time to start putting away winter clothing and breaking out the shorts and short sleeves. Winter clothing is bulky and takes up a lot of space, so storing it for the next six months makes perfect sense, especially if you have small closets or limited dr…Read More

  9. Welcome Spring!

    Welcome to the first blog post for 422 Spacemall Self Storage! Yes, that's a mouthful, so if you want to just call us Spacemall, we'll be happy to answer to the nickname. In fact, that's usually how we answer the phone. Spacemall is a family-owned business just west of Audubon and Norristown, at the Oaks exit off 422. For more than two decades, and closing in on three, Spacemall has been meeting M…Read More