In the self-storage industry, there are a few questions you hear over and over again. Now, Spacemall Morgantown finally has an answer for one of them: Can I store my motorcycle inside?

Beginning November 1 at our brand new Morgantown, PA, location, indoor motorcycle storage for the winter months is no longer just a dream.

Spacemall Morgantown offers concierge service for indoor vehicle storage, including motorcycles. Prices for a standard-size bike start at just $50 a month. Have a trike or bigger bike? We can store that too.

Our new concierge service is intended to give you peace of mind during those winter months when your bike is a reminder of warm weather yet to come and is risking getting dinged up by the car, snow blower and everything else you need to squeeze into the garage. Instead of worrying about scuffing your bike, or being asked to move it to the shed or yard for the season, bring it to Spacemall Morgantown.

The process is easy and your bike is safe. Just call us and make a reservation to drop off your bike. Then, pull up to our easy drop off point, near the entrance to the old Morgantown Outlet Mall. Our expert vehicle-handling team will walk your bike back into the warmth of the mall and keep it safe until you are ready to ride for the spring. then, you just call us the day before you are ready to ride and we’ll meet you at the door with your bike. All the paperwork can be handled via email and you know your bike is secure.

We even have a grand opening special sure to save you money while keeping your motorcycle inside for the winter. Call us at 610-650-0200to reserve your space today.