The decision to sell your classic car can be brought on by a number of factors. Maybe the primary caretaker of the car doesn’t have the time to upkeep it anymore or maybe they’ve moved on to a new favorite in the quest to own the perfect classic car. Whatever the reason, when you decide to sell your antique car, you need to know all the best tricks to get the best price and get it fast.

So what happens when you decide to sell your classic car while the car is in storage?

Surprisingly, the fact that the car is in storage can work in your favor, especially if you choose the right storage location.

First, if the car is in storage, it’s not accumulating more miles. There’s no risk to the paint or even chance of an accident when the car is safely in storage. So if you decide to sell your classic car that is in storage, you can guarantee to the buyer that the condition remains unchanged from the day you listed it for sale.

Second,if the car is in storage, you don’t have to worry about figuring out where to keep while the offers to buy it come pouring in.

Finally, if your car is in storage with Spacemall when you decide you want to sell it, you can list it with Classic Auto Mall for free!

Spacemall Storage has a reciprocal agreement with Classic Auto Mall to help our customers who are ready to sell their classic vehicle to waive all the listing fees. That means you can consign your car with Classic Auto Mall and you pay nothing until the car sells!

When you decide it’s time to upgrade to that next classic beauty, just call us at Spacemall Storage and let us know. We’ll contact Classic Auto Mall on your behalf and then you’ll negotiate directly with them to determine what price you want to put on the car. They’ll also go over the details of their commission structure and once you come to an agreement, they’ll work on selling your car. That’s it. Because you’re a Spacemall customer, you don’t have to pay advertising fees or photography fees or any other upfront fees.

So selling your classic car while it’s in storage is pretty easy when you store with Spacemall, but you do still want to do a little prep work before talking selling price.

First, get all the records for the car together in one place. The more information you have about its mechanical and restoration history, the better. Many collectors prefer cars that are as close to the original condition as possible.

Next, have the car inspected and make any minor repairs. Don’t lose hundreds of dollars off the selling price because it needed a new air filter.

After that, have the car cleaned and polished. Find a good detailing company that will clean the engine compartment, the carpets and upholstery and then make the car gleam in the sunshine.

Once you car is ready to shine, let us know and we’ll make all the calls. You pay the monthly storage fee and Classic Auto Mall will advertise your car for sale, as simple as that.