Most of the time, when people want a storage unit it’s because they are moving. By the time you get to the storage facility, you’ve often been packing all day and just want to be done. But improperly organizing your storage unit can lead to time wasted hunting for things in storage or simply being unable to find things you need, the inability to access the things you need when you need them and worst of all, potential damage to your stuff.

Taking an extra half hour as you unload stuff into your storage unit can save you time, effort, money and heartache later on. Here are some tips for the safest ways to store your things:

Pack it well and label it.

When you are packing things to put into storage, start with good packing materials. Avoid cardboard boxes as they can lead to mold and mildew.

Wrap breakable items in bubblewrap or soft cloth and then pack around them with other items so they can move around in the storage container.

Use painter’s tape and a marker or labels to note what exactly is in a box so that you can quickly find the box you are looking for. The one exception to this rule is for valuables. Label that box with something you understand but not obvious to thieves.

Place furniture and large items in the storage unit first.

Heavy items and furniture should go into the storage unit first so that you can stack other things on top of them. If you are storing tables or other fine wood furniture, cover it with a sheet or moving blanket before stacking other items on top.

Always place the heaviest items on the floor and stack lighter items on top. Be careful how high you stack things, so that you can avoid an avalanche when you open the door to the unit.

Store valuables away from the door.

No one likes to think about burglary, but in some places it does happen. Avoid making it easy for thieves. Keep your valuable possessions, especially those that are easy to pawn, away from the door. Police officers tell us that burglary is usually a crime of opportunity and thieves will not want to hunt for the good stuff. Keep it toward the back of the unit and not in its original container. Make sure the label makes sense to you, but does not tell someone else that it is your valuables.

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