Despite what the groundhog had to say, it won’t be long before Rita’s and other seasonal businesses start taking down the shutters and preparing for their 2017 opening.

Are you ready to open your seasonal business?

Spacemall may be able to help!

One of the issues facing many seasonal businesses is where to store the things they needs to do business. Whether its chemicals for your pool cleaning business or the mowers for your landscaping, finding the right space to store your seasonal business products when you don’t need them is as easy as calling 610-650-0200.

Self-storage facilities help small businesses every day by providing them with storage space at relatively low overhead. Instead of renting a year-round retail space for your summer only business, you can keep the tables for your pop-up beer garden at Spacemall. The affordable rent keeps your costs down and means your equipment is ready to go on opening day.

Spacemall can also help businesses that need to increase their inventory for certain times of the year without increasing their overall floor space. Need to order extra baseball gloves for the spring season, but the stock room’s full? No problem. Spacemall can help.

No matter what season your business is the busiest, with both drive up and climate controlled storage, Spacemall can make sure you have room for your equipment and supplies.