With all the various construction around Spacemall in Oaks and Phoenixville these days, it can be tempting to ask, “What does it do for me?”

We thought we’d take today to answer that question for some of our outdoor customers. If you have a spot in one of the buildings at 66 Brower Avenue in Phoenixville, you might have noticed they needed a bit of maintenance. The harsh Pennsylvania winters were showing, with rust visible on the outside of the buildings. So we’ve been grinding away the rust, treating the buildings with rust inhibitor and starting this week, giving the buildings a facelift.

Yes, part of the intent is to make the buildings look better, but there is so much more to it than that. By eliminating the rust, we are removing potential hazards of jagged metal and entry points where insects might find their way into the unit. We are providing a new moisture barrier to keep the rain and snow outside where it belongs.

The facelift is just the first phase of an extensive maintenance project designed to make your units ever more accessible, safe and convenient.

If your unit is in particular need of some TLC or if you’re ready to claim one of the newly constructed units, give us a call at 610-650-0200.