One of the reasons many people need storage units is because they simply have too much stuff.

If you’re like me, the idea of searching the entire house for clutter and removing it can seem overwhelming. Heck, some days I’m not sure I can get the clutter off my desk. But I don’t mind it when I tackle one thing, or one area at a time.

Spring seems to have sprung, at least for the next couple days so why not attack winter clutter.


We’re at that time of year where sweaters are good in the morning and then too hot in the afternoon. So if you’re thinking about putting way your winter clothes, this is the perfect time to make your sweater drawer clutter free.

Start by looking at the condition of your sweater. Have some that are unraveling or have pulled threads? Got sweaters covered in little pill balls? Those are prime candidates for your discarded clutter pile.

Next, decide which ones are out of style, no longer your color or too itchy. Whatever the reason, if you don’t love it, trash it or donate it.

Shoes and Boots

As you put away your winter shoes and boots, inspect them and see which ones are worth keeping. Snow boots that lost their traction. They’re nothing but clutter. Rain boots that leak? Don’t keep them to make you unhappy next fall.

Before you store them in favor of sandals and flip flops, check their quality. Replace broken laces and toss out the 47 mismatched ones in your junk drawer.

Scarves, Hats and Mittens

I have, honestly, six — I think– pairs of gloves or mittens. I probably need two, maybe three. It’s nice to have an extra pair for when the first one gets wet, but if you’re like me and have multiple pairs, or multiple single gloves because “the other one is around here somewhere,” it’s time to get rid of some glove clutter. Same things goes with hats and scarves.

Winter Sports Gear

Now’s the time to put away those skis and sleds that didn’t get a lot of use this winter, but as you do, check them for damage. If your sled is cracked, maybe it’s not worth storing for next year. This is also a good time figure out if the kids will need new skis next season and if those ice skates really cannot be sharpened one more time.

Holiday Gifts You Hated

No one likes to talk about the gifts that were huge fails, but we’ve all had them. My mother, intending to surprise me with a beautiful gift, got me a Hopi-made wool sweater/coat last year. It’s very pretty, but not something that fits my style. And it itches. And, despite the fact that I am almost always cold, it is so warm that it’s uncomfortable to wear.

I kept it because it was a gift, but my husband reminded me last week that it’s also clutter. so when you receive a gift that just isn’t you, write a lovely thank you note and then get rid of the clutter.