Here at Spacemall Storage, we’re thankful for another great year with the best customers anyone could ask for and we’re proud to say that our customers love us too.


We asked our customers what the best things about Spacemall Storage were and we were happily surprised by the answers we received.

Convenient Gate Hours

Some storage facilities seem to forget that the most important things to customers is how easy it is to access their stuff. One of the first questions we hear is often, “What are your hours?” But they don’t realloy care when the office is open. They care when they can get to their stuff!

With our personalized access control system in the climate controlled building and electronic gate access to both of our parking lots, customers can access their storage units at a time when it is convenient to them. Standard gate hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. but our contractors love that they can get an early start to avoid the summer heat or grab their snow plows when the snow starts falling at midnight. The ability for business customers to get 24-hour access is just good customer service and makes our customers very happy.

Easy Access

You might think that knowing people are going to bring moving trucks and Uhaul trucks to your storage facility would mean that every facility makes it easy to get to your storage units, but that sadly isn’t the case. With drive-up outdoor storage units and wide driving lanes, even a semi-tractor trailer can easily make it to our storage units. And our parking customers are even happier because they have room for even the inexperienced driver to manuever his RV or travel trailer.

Eliu C. from Norristown put it this way in his Yelp review: “I recommend this place! Their prices are reasonable and the service is Excellent. We have access to our storage space 24/7. I was having trouble parking my RV on my assigned spot and Cindy was extremely accommodating and gave me a new space as soon as she had the opportunity!”

Great Location

A surprising number of our neighbors in Oaks don’t realize how large our facility is until they needs us. We are less than a mile off Route 422 and easily accessible from 29 and 23, but we are tucked away in a mostly residential neighborhood. Until they get to our multi-acre facility and take a look around, they have no idea that dozens or RVs, boats and cars are securely stored at Spacemall. Whether it’s for a month while you get your driveway redone or permanently because your HOA doesn’t allow your RV parked in your driveway, Spacemqall has easy access to all the major roadways in the area. We’re just 10 minutes away from the turnpike and make getting on the road as easy as possible.


When you store stuff at a self storage facility, one of the biggest concerned is knowing that your stuff is safe. Thankfully, our customers are secure in the knowledge that Spacemall is safe.

Just this week, Greg M. wrote in his Sparefoot review, “Happy!
Check in was quick and easy and the unit clean. Building feels secure.”

That’s exactly the type of thing we want to hear! Inf act, we’ve had tenants forget stuff in the hallway and the come back hours or even a day later to find it exactly where they left it. We wouldn’t recommend that, of course, but it’s nice to know our customers respect one another!

Customer Service

This is a point I take personally. We want out customers to be taken care of from the minute they walk through our gate to the moment that they move out again. We try our best to provide efficient and kind customer service and from our reviews, it appears our customers think we succeed. Just in case though, we’ll keep working at it!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Spacemall!