Like everyone in the Philly region, we’ve been a little obsessed with football lately. Now, the big game is less than two weeks away and even though it’s not really spring, a lot of us are thinking about spring cleaning before we invite guests over to watch the home team win the big game.

So, today we’re going to tackle spring cleaning to get the house or apartment ready for that super party where this year we’re watching for something other than the commercials. Ready to get your house ready in record time and without breaking a sweat? We can’t promise that last one, but we bet these three tips will make your spring cleaning so easy you’ll wish for a super party every weekend.

Focus on the Important Space

Since this is sort of a pre-spring leaning, meant to spruce up your party place for the big game, focus only on the areas that need it. Wait until actual spring to air the mattresses and deep clean the kid’s rooms. Chances are you’ll be rooting for those Philly gridiron stars mostly in the den or living room.
Get a start by de-cluttering, getting the last holiday decorations put away, toys sent to their appropriate rooms and just a general pick up. If you have holiday gear still lying about, grab a box, pack it up for next year and haul it off to your storage unit. In fact, anything that you aren’t going to need for the next few months should be cleaned off and stored away because who needs swim fins in February?

The other two rooms you’ll want to give a good once over are the kitchen and the guest bathroom. Since food is such a big part of the big game, everyone will eventually migrate there. You can skip deep cleaning the fridge and the oven, especially if you have them overflowing with food.

Clean the Bathroom Early in the Day

The sooner you can clean the bathroom after everyone’s morning showers, the better. The steam from the hot showers will have the room already primed for cleaning. Wipe down the walls and counter tops before the steam is gone to take advantage of that cleaning assistance. In the shower and bathtub, you’ll save water and get dirt and debris removed easier if you clean immediately after use as well.

For the toilets, soak the inside of the bowl with toilet cleaner and let it sit while you are cleaning the rest of the room. Cleaning professionals know that letting the cleanser do some of the work for you makes the job easier.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Okay, so this isn’t so much a cleaning tip as a life tip. Don’t sweat it!

If you’e having friends over to watch the big game, make sure the food and drink is plentiful and there are plenty of good seats in the house. After that, the only thing that really matters is how soon we’re planning that victory parade on Broad Street.