Three years ago when we first moved to Phoenixville, we did what everyone does, or should do, when moving to a new community: We Googled it.

What we found was a delight to our horror-loving hearts. The 1958 movie The Blob features a scene where the monster burst through a movie screen and attacks the people inside the theater. The scene, including the terrified patrons running out of the theater, was filmed at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA, and every year the city and the theater commemorate the filming with Blobfest.

Highlights on the annual event include showing the movie at the theater and reenacting the scene of fleeing patrons when that scene hits the screen. The annual “run out” is schedule for 9 p.m. on Friday, July 14. But if you don’t have tickets for the show, you might have to be satisfied with watching the even from the city streets.

While those lucky enough to have purchased run out tickets are enjoying a screening of the film and their moment under the moon, other Blobfest attendees can enjoy Phoenixville’s Friday Summer Music Series or sample the beer and cuisine at any of the restaurants and tap rooms along Bridge Street. The 114-year-old theater will also host screenings of other 1950s era B horror movies during the festival.

Other events not to miss are the Blobfest costume contest on Saturday and the street fair.

The theme for the contest is: BLOBWARMING: IN ABSORB-O-VISION! The organizers encourage contestants to interpret the theme as they please.

Other films on the docket for Saturday include “It Came from Outer Space”, “House of Wax”, and “The House on Haunted Hill.” On Sunday, revelers can see “The Lost Skeleton Returns Again.”

For a self-guided tour of other filming locations of The Blob, find a download here and be sure to respect the private property on the list and the notes of businesses that are not currently “Blob-friendly.”

Of course, Spacemall Storage was not around in 1958 when the movie was filmed, and we have it on good authority that our resident alien was not one of the ones who came to town in “It Came from Outer Space,” but if you need extra storage for your own blob or anything else, we’re glad to help.