One of the most interesting thing I noticed when last we went to Morgantown was the number of commuters who are willing to leave their cars parked along I-176 while they catch a ride into the city.

Just to be clear, we totally support the idea of car pooling. Parking in the city is expensive and we do have a planet’s health to consider. But the idea of parking along side the road and leaving my car there all day gave me nightmares!

So we have a proposal for you: Park at Spacemall and know that your car is safe while you’re at work.

For just $50 a month (and we have discounts for those who qualify!), you can park your car safely behind the fence at Spacemall Morgantown and alleviate worries about the car getting hit or stolen while you are at work. Jumping off the interstate to meet your ride at Spacemall Morgantown might add three or four minutes to the commute, but you could even grab coffee at McDonald’s before heading on to work. And, really, isn’t it worth knowing that your car is safe?

I know we haven’t seen much snow this winter, but when we do, cars parked along side the road risk even more as they get buried and hidden by snow plows. Or, hit by a plow.

When you store your car at Spacemall Morgantown, you know that you won’t get buried by the plow and have to dig out before you can hit the road. You have a safe, well-lit parking lot to meet your ride, instead of standing alongside the road with people speeding by.

Be one of the first ten people to call about this post and we’ll even knock $25 off your first month’s rental. After all, we just want you to be safe.