Your instrument may be your best friend, odds are you have many fond memories of playing with friends or practicing alone. But for one reason or another we are sometimes forced to put our instruments to the side and when this happens, it is important to properly store them. Below is a bass line for safe and simple instrument storage.

Know The Enemy

Extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust are an instruments worst enemies. Whether you store your items at home, in a unit, or between gigs, addressing these issues will keep your instrument in pristine condition. Keeping your instrument in a location that is consistently around 70℉ and 42% humidity is ideal for storage.

Clean Your Instrument

As with any delicate item, keeping your instruments clean is essential to proper storage. Don’t use alcohol or oil based products on wood, use a soft rag for any instrument, and research the cleaning best practice for your specific instrument.

Pack Your Instrument

Once your instrument is clean, you want to pack it away so that it doesn’t collect dust while it sits unused. Remove mouthpieces and reeds, loosen your strings, and place a clean cloth over strings before placing your instrument in its case. If you are using soft cases, ensure there are no rips in the fabric. Hard Cases are best for long term storage.

Use Climate Controlled Storage

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when storing your instruments is use climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage helps keep both temperature and humidity consistent all year long. With the wide range of weather in Oaks, Pennsylvania climate control is essential.

If you are interested in storing your instruments for the winter or the year, contact 422 Spacemall for the best self storage in the Oaks area. We can help you find the perfect unit to meet your exact needs.