Storing your stuff in Oaks, Collegeville or Audubon this winter?
With the first major Nor’easter of winter 2015-2016 set to arrive Friday and Saturday, there are things you should know about self-storage and winter.
If freezing will hurt it, spring for climate controlled storage.
Your outdoor self-storage unit will be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than the air temperature outside, so if what you are storing can be hurt by temperature extremes, choose climate controlled storage instead. Patio furniture, clothing in plastic totes and various household goods are fine to store outside, but leave electronics, fine furniture and anything water-based in heated storage.
Winter storms happen.
Your storage facility probably has maintenance crews or contractors who will plow in the event of snowfall. But when you move in is the best time to ask how soon after a storm you will be permitted access to the property. In some cases of bad weather, your storage facility may not allow traffic on the property or may ask you to sign a waiver acknowledging that you do so at your own risk.
As a general rule, if the main roads are clear but parking lots and side roads are a mess, it’s probably best to assume that your storage facility is closed due to weather. If in doubt, call them.
Here at 422 Spacemall in Oaks, our plow drivers are out as soon as the snow starts to accumulate, but they aren’t dedicated solely to this property. Last winter, our outdoor storage lot was generally plowed within six hours of the end of the snowfall. If you aren’t sure if the lot is open to traffic, call me and I’ll be happy to tell you how it looks. But if you can’t get here from Collegeville on U.S. 422, chances are you’re better off staying home and waiting for better road conditions.
About This Storm
After the little clipper earlier this week, the outdoor lot at 422 Spacemall has been salted, but once the snow starts falling Friday that will likely wash away. Feel free to call us this weekend at 610-650-0200 to ask about conditions here.