Customers don’t always think about the lock for their storage unit other than a vague idea that they need to stop and buy one. When we explain that customers must use the locks we provide, and that there is an associated cost, customers sometimes bristle a bit.

That’s my cue to explain how choosing a lock creates better safety for your storage unit.

All locks are not created equal.

Storage doors. Building interior.Industrial storage in the city. Green doors.

Many people think that any old padlock is good for securing their stuff. But as these two suspected thieves in Indiana proved, a basic padlock can be taken out with a pair of bolt cutters.

Sure, you hope that your storage facility is going to have someone who notices if people are wandering around the storage units with a set of bolt cutters, but on very large properties or properties where the manager doesn’t live on-site, that may not be the case. I addition, the smart thieves come in after hours and stay out of the well-lit areas. So your storage manager might not notice until the next morning and by then your stuff is long gone.

A better option is the disc lock like the one in the picture above. These locks have very little exposed hasp, so they are much harder to cut with just a set of bolt cutters. It can be done, with a very strong person and time, but they take significantly longer to cut than a standard padlock.

We think our solution is even better. we have cylinder locks which slide into the door of the storage unit itself. These locks generally require drilling to be removed without the key. This is better than disc locks for two reasons: First, they take even longer to get open, at least 5 to 7 minutes per lock and second, drills make noise. There’s no chance of opening one of these locks quietly.

Forcing would-be thieves to make noise if they want to break into one of our storage units is just one more added way we try to protect your belongings.

No storage facility can guarantee that you won’t have the unexpected happen, but at Spacemall Storage we try to make it as unlikely as possible and all it costs you is $10 for the better lock.