We have sort of a weird holiday tradition at our house. Almost every major holiday, especially if they come with an extra day off, includes some big cleaning project.

Maybe it’s cleaning out a closet or maybe reorganizing the bathroom, but with no family nearby locally, we find that holidays are a great time to steal a few minutes out of our normal lives and get some cleaning done.

On the agenda this weekend, cleaning out my closet and putting away my winter clothes. Probably not as much fun as Easter egg hunts and gorging on chocolate, but a bit kinder to my overall health.

Are you going to spend a bit of the weekend spring cleaning?

Even if it’s just a few minutes, adding one spring cleaning project to your weekend chore list can help you get ready for more fun events in the future. For example, if the weather stays as beautiful as it has been all week, this weekend would be a great time to check the grill and make sure it’s ready for BBQ season.

If you are spring cleaning your grill, be sure to dispose of any left over charcoal from last fall. Chances are that over the winter it got damp and won’t burn nearly as well as fresh charcoal for your first cookout of the spring.

Or, if the sun is shining, maybe you can get out the patio furniture. Have the kids scrub down the cushions while you check the metal pieces for signs of rust or damage that you might have missed when you stored it last fall.

A little bit of rust-resistant paint can help spruce up your patio furniture and make it ready for the sun to come and stay.

If you’re more like us and needing to put away your winter clothes, winter sports equipment or just other stuff, we’ll be open until noon on Good Friday, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday and closed for Easter Sunday.

Whether you are celebrating with a rabbit, with Passover, Oestara or Easter, enjoy your holiday weekend!