To the hobbyist car collector, the one with a daily driver that just needs a home for the winter, indoor car storage like we offer at Spacemall Morgantown is just about perfect.
We offer heated storage so the car is protected from the ravages of Old Man Winter in a large space, with each car comfortably parked in its own spot. The garage is accessible with unique pin codes for every person who enters the garage door. It’s monitored by video cameras and an alarm system. The property manager lives less than a block away and is often around the building at odd hours just checking up on things.
But for the serious collector with cars that need a little more room to breathe, or a space all their own, the standard storage might be a bit worrisome. The number of times people have asked if their cars will be safe from dings and door dents is too numerous to count.
So what do you do if your car needs something a little more special? Or what if you want a place to watch a race or the Eagles and hang out with your friends and your cars?
Spacemall Morgantown and Classic Auto Mall can still help you. We’re designing the perfect space for a guy, or a gal, and their car to hang out together with nobody else around.
If you’re looking for the perfect place to store your car, or your car collection, our car condos may be just right for you. Prices vary depending on the size and we can even help you customize your space. Contact us to arrange your tour of our museum and our model automotive apartment.
Got a car club that likes to get together to tinker with their cars? We’ve got space for four cars or forty. If it’s related to your car, Classic Auto Mall and Spacemall Morgantown can help.