If you’re like most people these days, when you need to find something new, you likely head to the computer, tablet or your phone to search the web for what you need, but is that always the best way to find exactly what you need?
Do you want to trust a bunch of random strangers to tell you the truth about their experience?
Do you want to sift through all the ads to get to the information you need?
Savvy web used do those things and more when trying to find the best storage close to home. And sometimes, you have no choice other than trusting the web. When we first moved to Pennsylvania, we asked a lot of questions about the best ____ near me. Best sushi, best vet, best hair salon.
We looked at a lot of web listing and found some big hits and some big misses.
But the best advice we got about the best anything near me was to ask people who lived near me.
Best Philly cheesesteak near me? The Perky in Oaks.
Best sushi near me? Jasmine House in Collegeville.
Best storage near me? Well, I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t think the answer was 422 Spacemall, of course, but the key to finding the answers is asking people.
The absolute best way to find great storage near me is to ask my friends and neighbors where they store their things.
Need a place to store your RV? Ask the guy next to you at the campground where he stores his. Ask your neighbor down the street.
Need a place to store your boat? Ask fellow boaters or the guy who runs the local marina. chances are they’re going to know where the best storage nearby is.
There’s an old adage in business that the best advertising is word-of-mouth and it can be hard to believe in the internet age that it’s still true, but it is. When you want to know what the best storage near me is, you don’t want Google or some other search engine to give you places miles away from home, you want it to be the best and you want it to be nearby.
Best Ways to Find Storage Near Me
1. Ask your friends, neighbors, fellow church members, customers and the guy at the post office. They will likely have good ideas of what’s local and who’s good to deal with.
2. Be very specific when you search the web. “Near me” works pretty well, but it’s also a good idea to use your specific neighborhood or zip code to further narrow down the search.
3. Look around the places you go on a regular basis and see if you happen to be near a facility. Encourage your kids to help you play “find the storage facility” and be sure to look in areas near shopping centers as storage facilities are usually near other commercial or industrial property.
4. Call your local thrift store. Many people have donations picked up directly from their storage unit, so your local thrift store will probably know where the best local storage facilities are.
5. If you can find one, check a phone book. A lot of storage facilities aren’t as internet savvy as you are and may still be expecting you to find them the old fashioned way.

When you really need storage near me, the best source of information will be your friends and neighbors. Getting a recommendation from someone you trust is always the best option.