School supplies are cheaper now than the rest of the year. Are you buying all that you’ll need?

Every parent knows that school supplies are cheapest before school starts, but buying them in bulk before the school year starts can also be problematic. Where are you going to store them? How do you keep the kids out of them until it’s time for school?

With longer and longer lists of necessary supplies, it can be tempting for most parents to buy just what their children need the first day of school and ignore the fact that they will need more pencils, paper and just about everything else as the year goes on. In fact, they may need it right when you’re gearing up to spend for the holidays. And that notebook that’s 39 cents now is sure to be three times that when it’s full and they need a new one.

With new school supplies and new school clothes coming into the house, it can be a struggle to find a place for everything. But not to worry, Spacemall can help.

Whether you just need an extra closet to keep those school supplies and usable for school or another room to store everything from Christmas ornaments to hand-me down clothes and the furniture you’re sure the kids will want when they get apartments of their own, we have the space.

Thinking you’d need to store a whole lot of school supplies to make it worthwhile to keep them in a storage unit? Our smallest storage units start at just $45 a month and you control who has access to it. Hide the school supplies now so that the kids can enjoy the last month of summer break and then use it later to hide their Christmas presents, so the holiday magic is safe from snooping eyes.

By thinking ahead now, you beat the rush for school supplies and for storage. In the fall, especially once the weather turns ugly, everyone is going to want climate controlled storage. Lock in your unit and your price by getting your unit today.