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For 2017, the solar eclipse visible across most of the country represented the last hurrah of summer as students and parents prepared to head back to school. Some of the teachers I know are already back in the classroom.

So did you put storage on your back to school shopping list?

You didn’t?

I know your children’s teachers probably didn’t remember it, but you might want to think about it.

Back to school is the perfect time to declutter the house after a summer of fun and the accumulation of stuff. Reclaim your living room for the fall, by sliding all the beach toys, yard games and summer clothes into storage for the season. Whether its the badminton net from the yard or the jet ski, you probably have a few things that are about at the end of their usefulness for 2017, just like those eclipse glasses. But if you got some good ones, you probably don’t want to have to hunt for them again in just a few years (next North American eclipse is just 7 years away) and you certainly don’t want to buy new yard games next spring.

A small storage unit can help you reclaim your space for the fall and all the school projects the kids are about to get started on. Inf act, a small storage unit might be a great place to keep all those odd little things your oldest needed until your younger children need them, from a science fair display to an extra scientific calculator.

Your storage unit is also a great place to keep the extra school supplies you bought now and want to stash until midway through the year when the paper is used up and the glue sticks have gone dry.

Better yet, wait until after school starts and then you can put away the kids’ extra toys, especially the loud ones you only let them use outside, without a fight.

Just add a little note at the bottom of the shopping list for your back-to-school storage unit. Think of it as a reward for surviving another summer vacation.