If you’ve ever stopped by 422 Spacemall in Oaks/Phoenixville or seen the Spacemall Morgantown billboard on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, you may be wondering about our big green alien.

Even though that friendly alien has been waving hello and pointing customers to Spacemall for almost three years, he has yet to tell us his name. So why do we let him serve as our mascot and tell you about all things Spacemall?

Well, with a name like Spacemall, it just sort of lends itself to an alien spokesman, don’t you think?

Spacemall, both in Morgantown and in Oaks, has been in the business of providing out of this world service and space since the 1990s. And though we pride ourselves in our space-related slogan and giggle a bit with our alien logo, the truth of the matter is that we are very focused on reusing existing buildings and revitalizing the local economy around us.

In Oaks, when the sewing machines had gone away, we recycled the old Dettra Flag building, where American flags were made just minutes from Valley Forge. The building is a century old and built to last with thick masonry and hardwood floors thick enough to stand up to those industrial sewing machines. It stood empty for a few years when the sewing industry died, but it has gained new life as climate-controlled storage. When Spacemall took over the building, we wanted to preserve that part of Oaks and Audubon history while adding to its future.

The old elevator, now nearing its 90th birthday, works like a charm every day, though it is supplemented by a newer state-of-the-art freight elevator for getting storage goods to the upper floors. The old boiler and radiators are supplemented with more energy efficient heating and cooling systems and new security systems have made the old building safe for modern use, but the key has been in finding the combination of preservation and preparation for what comes next.

Now, in Morgantown we’re part of another recycling effort. This time, we’re converting the old Morgantown Outlet Mall to the Morgantown Center. For our part, Spacemall is taking pieces of the old mall and old mall parking lot and breathing in new life as a vehicle and boat storage facility. Our alien, it seems, is doing his part to save the planet and to help develop the future of Morgantown.

So when you see our smiling alien, he’s just telling you that Spacemall has big plans for your community whether it’s Oaks, Phoenixville, Morgantown or somewhere nearby. Spacemall has a place when you run out of space and our alien points the way.

If you were going to name our big green guy, what would you call him?

And do you think this video from Chile was his friends and family coming to visit?