Whether it’s a new car or just new clothes for the kids, after Christmas storage is almost always a necessity. But if Santa broke the bank coming up with all those presents, how can you afford to store the old stuff?

422 Spacemall Storage has affordable options for storing your stuff!

We get that money’s tight as you start wondering what the new tax plan means for you and you have all those holiday bills to pay. No problem! New renters, mention this blog post before January 15th and get 10% off your first month’s rent.

At Spacemall,l we have room for everything you need to store. From that new family RV or the kids summer toys, we can help you remove the clutter and start the new year off with a fresh, clean, and clutter-free house or garage.

Once you take stock off the new presents and how much room they take up, use your holiday time off to decide what you need to store. Then, give us a call.

After that, hit the after Christmas sales. You can always hide wrapping paper, decorations and even presents for next year in your new storage unit!